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What Is Conductive Education?

Conductive Education is a therapy boot camp of sorts.  While the emphasis is on gross motor function, Conductive Education incorporates elements of OT, speech, and music therapies informally throughout the program.   

Conductive Education is an all encompassing method of learning used to teach individuals with neurological and mobility impairment how to  thoughtfully complete seemingly simple actions that children without such mental and physical challenges learn through normal life experiences independently. Children are encouraged to be problem-solvers and develop a self-reliant “orthofunctional” personality that fosters participation, initiative, determination, motivation, independence, and self-sufficiency.  (www.cerebralpalsy.org)


Conductive Education Equipment

The equipment component is simple and ingenious.  The  pieces are created to maximize function and benefit for the participants without being cumbersome.  The equipment is also extremely affordable.  The therapy ladder pictured here is $35.00; it's use is priceless. 


How To Participate

A local facility that offers Conductive Education will be life-changing for Maricopa County residents that have permanent motor challenges.  We humbly ask that you please consider donating for this program.  

Because Hope For Ari is a recognized Public Charity under IRS Tax code  501( c )(3), your donation qualifies as a dollar for dollar deduction from your taxable income amount for up to 50% of your annual taxable income.  Here's a link to the IRS's list of qualifying charities where you can find Hope For Ari listed as a qualifying organization:

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